• Custom Compression Spring

    Though we try to offer a broad range of standard springs please note that most spring applications require a custom design. Please contact our engineering department to develop your application. For more information on our capabilities for compression springs or to submit specifications select the view details link.

  • compression_springs

    Springs are organized in order of increasing diameter and wire size.

    Note that in each category the spring rate decreases as the free length increases.

    After selecting the proper outside diameter of the spring needed, choose a range for wire diameter and then select a range for free length. The broader the range entered the more options will be shown.

    Units of Measure
    All units are in Inches, Pounds for Loads and Pounds per Inch for spring rate.
    To convert to metric units multiply using the following factors.

      Inches to millimeter = 25.4
      Pounds to Newtons = 4.45
      Lbs/Inch to N/mm = 0.175

    Inquire at sales@mrspring.com for quantities
    of 1000 or more