• Custom Torsion Spring

    Though we try to offer a broad range of standard springs please note that most spring applications require a custom design. Please contact our engineering department to develop your application. For more information on our capabilities for torsion springs or to submit specifications select the view details link.

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    First choose material type and helix. Next, select a range of wire diameter that you think may be appropriate. Finally, select the amount of deflection you expect to have in the application. Keep in mind that the amount of deflection is also the same as the free position of the ends (see illustrations). The broad the ranges selected the more option will be offered.


    This is the direct force applied at a given radius. Torque can be converted to load by the formula given below.
    Load (P) =Torque/Radius If a spring has a torque of .985 in-lbs at 180, degrees deflection, what is the load exerted at a .500 inch radius?
    .985/.500=1.97 lbs
    Inquire at sales@mrspring.com for quantities
    of 1000 or more